the holocaust, their family,   me and us

#HtFMeUs: an immersive, enriching & collaborative Holocaust education project 

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“The Holocaust, Their Family, Me and Us” is a project for schools in the UK, based on the award-winning documentary series “My Family, the Holocaust and Me”, directed by David Vincent, wherein Robert Rinder MBE helped his mother Angela Cohen MBE and fellow British Jewish families to trace the stories of their family: to understand their experiences in the Holocaust, with the help of historians and experts, and the legacy of the Holocaust upon their families in the years since. The documentary features stories from across Europe, tales of rescue and resistance and of families destroyed by the Holocaust, taking a deeply personal route through the history, casting a light upon its personal and communal significance, and indeed national relevance today.

I have been inspired by the varied routes of research and the imagination that has been ignited by all these students and humbled by the generosity of time put in both by the students and their teachers. For you all, it's history and it's study… but for me and my family it's our personal story and I am forever grateful that you all have taken so much time in wanting to learn more and to keep the stories and subsequently the people alive in our minds.

Louisa Clein

Seeing students and teachers engaging with the family story has had a personal and far wider impact too ... The responses through the ability of both the teachers and students with their individual unique qualities have been powerful, enlightening and given us as a family true hope of lives being in safe hands ...I loved the diversity of expression , the loving kindness, care and sensitivity and true connection that was made ...

Noemie Lopian

Slowly but surely I have become enveloped by this incredible project. When people ask me what I do my response now always includes 'I'm also involved in a Holocaust education project called...'. The project has become part of my meaning and purpose. I'm very proud to be an ambassador for it.

My family and I feel very honoured and grateful for all the work the students and teachers have undertaken to tell our story.

Bernie Graham

I have been privileged to meet some of the most wonderful people, from dedicated  empathetic teachers to astonishing young learners. 

I have been asked questions by young people which proves that they are being taught about the Holocaust, but also been given the skills to be insightful, sensitive and perceptive. I take such comfort in knowing that because of this programme and its ability to connect in todays world, we are educating our wonderful young learners to never just be bystanders and always be aware that all life is precious.

Angela Cohen

to learn more & to join this project, contact nicola wetherall or dm @RWBAHolocaust

This project would not be possible without the express support of the families featured in the documentaries, the generosity and permission of BBC/Wall to Wall Media, the filmmakers, experts featured in the programmes, and the support of the UCL CfHE, the 45 Aid Society and partnership with the Pears Foundation.