Bernie's Journey

This is Bernie Graham.

In the BBC documentary, 'My Family, The Holocaust & Me', directed by David Vincent, Bernie discovers what happens to his family during the Holocaust

If you are following his journey, you will be introduced to him during the Launch and during the #HtFMeUs project, you will follow his family's story and his journey of discovery.

Bernie will continue to support us throughout this project, so we need to be respectful, thoughtful & creative in the work ahead, because this is a real project, based on real people and real families. So it is up to us to reflect upon what this learning means to us as individuals and as a school community in meaningful ways.

Before starting Bernie's Journey, complete the Pre-Project RAG Rating by clicking on the image. This link will redirect you to a new page. 

A 'RAG Rating' captures a sense of 'where you are now', at the start of the journey. We will return to this again at the end of the journey, so you can see how much progress you've made by participating in #HtFMeUs.

If you are following Bernie's Journey on the #HtFMeUs project, Bernie wishes you well. 

In this video, Bernie tells us what this project - and students like you following his journey and learning about his family & their experiences - means to him. 

Watch the video of Bernie to find out what he thinks & what he would like us to do in the #HtFMeUs project.

Click here to watch the video of Bernie

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At the end of Bernie's Journey, complete the Post-Project RAG Rating by clicking on the image. This link will redirect you to a new page.