#HtFMeUs European Day of Languages 2023

Throughout our #HtFMeUs journeys, we have seen lots of examples of different languages being used - whether spoken word or written text - and we have also seen that having an understanding of different languages improves not only our ability to deepen and enrich our knowledge, but also our inter-cultural relations

European Day of Languages is celebrated every year on the 26th September and encourages us to discover more languages and promotes plurilingualism across the richly diverse continent of Europe. 

Click on the images below to start your challenges!

To find out more about European Day of Languages 2023, visit the EDL website here: https://edl.ecml.at/

#HtFMeUs Noemie's Journey: 

Le début du voyage

 #HtFMeUs Bernie's Journey:

Reise ins Unbekannte

#HtFMeUs Louisa & Natalie's Journey:

Een verhaal van een Danser

HtFMeUs Angela & Robert's Journey:

Už žodžių/