#HtFMeUs Gallery

This page offers further insight in to the #HtFMeUs project. Scroll down to view student work from varied settings and read testimonies from those involved in the project.

To download Teacher Guidance for accessing and uploading student work to Basecamp, click here

'HtFMeUs has really highlighted that when empowered, students can become true ambassadors for inspiring change. Their commitment, passion and emotional intelligence continues to inspire me, and their work on this project has changed them, and encouraged the wider school community to change with them. I know that they will never forget this project, they will carry their work and Angela and Robert’s stories with them forever and will continue to be ambassadors for change throughout their lives'.  Jemma Tappenden, Highfields School

Malet Lambert students create a legacy piece that represents their learning, and challenges all of us to be and do more. Click on the image to view a video of their powerful legacy piece.

"The power and courage to stop hate starts with you".

Robert Rinder MBE

For HMD2023, students at Highfields School presented their HMD2023 Challenge and pledge to Angela and Robert, illuminated the school in purple, created window displays and displays in the school reception and listened to Mala Tribich MBE and author Tom Palmer. Student voice also featured in the local newspaper, talking about their work with Angela and Robert. School wide reflections of #HMD2023 were shared in a 'Thought Tree' installation. Watch their HMD2023 by clicking on the video link.

Hebburn Comprehensive followed Louisa & Natalie's #HtFMeUs Journey and consolidated their research in to a family timeline, combining both Holocaust history and personal stories.

Click on the image to view a video of their timeline.

Priestlands School students create an art installation that features family group silhouettes, with victim/survivor faces on one side and names on the other - restoring dignity as students combined research, remembrance, creativity and application of their learning as part of the #HtFMeUs project

Students at Highfields School participated in Holocaust Memorial Day 2023 by sitting in educational assemblies, form time projects, and a special online Q&A session with Judge Rinder. Click on the link to read the article in the Express & Star newspaper.

Following Angela & Robert's #HtFMeUs Journey in tutor time, students at Torpoint Community College created Paper Landscapes to 'tell the stories'. Click on the video link to watch their Paper Landscapes for HMD2023

‘Being involved in this extraordinary project has given our students the opportunity to showcase that “everything really is possible” and proved once again the importance of not putting limits on what we believe people can achieve based on a diagnosis. #noglassceilings’ Laura Morgan, Venturers’ Academy (Autism Special Provision)

‘We were inspired by the personal stories of the families and the opportunities for reflection that this afforded; but could not have dreamt of the level of curiosity, vast array of responses, ideas and creativity that our students have exhibited throughout the project.’ Matt Jones, Woking High School

‘To see young learners immersed in my families’ story, becoming informed, empathetic, active citizens, is a gift.

This project brings the past to our present and can help shape a better future.’

Robert Rinder MBE

‘#HtFMeUs: a project with ‘Family’ at its heart” boldly innovative, inspiring & transformative in equal measure’

Charlotte Lane, Torpoint Community College